Keep your plums perky!


B.Cools Briefs 3 Pack

B.Cools Briefs 3 Pack

$ 34.99 AUD

Keep your plums perky with the Barney Cools Briefs 3 Pack. Free balling is nice, but we've reached superior comfort with our underwear. Featuring a comfortable cotton elastane construction and signature B.Cools branding on the waistband - it's good times the whole way from your chest pubes down to your ball-fro. 

Snug fit
Three unique colours; contrast BC branding 
Stretch-cotton construction
Signature branding on waistband 



Model is approx 6'0" or 183 cm and wears size L tops & 32 bottoms.

Contact us for any size or styling advice.



Barney Cools is an Australian lifestyle clothing company boasting a rebellious spirit and an open mind. We’re globetrotting, salt water lovin’, laid-back dudes on a mission to share good times with an international audience.



Nat is known for his quirky behaviour and love of hot chips and beer. He has a pet possum named 'Plum Slut'.

eComm & Digital Manager


Tom likes to wear boat shoes and turtle necks whilst drinking overpriced wine and discussing yachting. 



Weso has a knack for crashing cars and is generally a bit of a space cadet. It's ok though, because he was home schooled.

Brand Manager


Jake is a big friendly giant and a father of one. He wishes he was a rapper. He is skilled in the artistry of drawing dicks.

Marketing Coordinator


Andy has been banned from numerous airlines for throwing up on the ground mid-flight. He likes to think he can 'keep up with the boys', but he can't. He is an avid fan of Jake's dick drawings.